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How much does it cost to install wallpaper? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question.

There are MANY factors that will influence the cost of hiring a contractor for your wallpaper project. We want to help you make the best hiring decision. Take a few minutes to answer these questions and you might just learn something new about the wallpaper installation process.

First, does any wallpaper need to be removed?

Wallpaper removal can be a difficult task. The current condition of the wallpaper and the number of layers that need to be stripped off will have an impact on your project timeline and budget.

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Is any wall preparation needed?

Before the wallpaper goes up, some basic preparation will need to take place. Wallpaper will only adhere properly to clean, smooth walls. All cracks should be sealed and any nail holes should be covered. Extensive surface repairs may be considered an additional expense. However, the application of a basic primer should always be included in the contractor’s estimate.

Is this a residential or commercial project?

As a general rule, commercial jobs are going to be a little more expensive. Commercial-grade wallpaper is designed to be extra durable. As a result, materials and labor may come at a slightly higher price point.

Do you already have the wallpaper?

If you have already purchased the wallpaper, are you sure you have enough? It’s important to have extra on-hand in case a mistake is made.

If you have not purchased wallpaper yet, your contractor can help you select the right pattern. He or she will also ensure that you order enough paper to cover each wall.

Wallpaper prices can range from $10 per roll to several hundred dollars per roll. Keep in mind that the cost of professional installation tends to increase with the price of the wallpaper.

How does the contractor charge?

There are a number of different ways that paper hangers charge for wallpaper installation. The most common pricing methods are by the roll, by the hour, or by the square foot.

If your contractor charges by the roll, make sure you both are talking about the same size roll. You may be confusing a standard roll with a double roll (or bolt).

If your contractor charges by the hour, make sure that there are some limits in place. Although initial estimates can be somewhat off, you should ask if there’s cap on the number of hours for which you can be charged. For larger projects, it may be better to negotiate a daily rate for the contractor’s time.

If your contractor charges by the square foot, ask if the total square footage accounts for windows and doors (that will not need to be covered).

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What materials are included?

All materials (primers, sealers, adhesives, tape, protective plastic sheeting, tarps) should be included in the estimate as well. If you are interested in installing a border, this will add to cost.

Where is the wallpaper being hung?

Open areas with long, straight runs are going to take the least amount of time. Working around arches, doors, and windows requires extra time and careful attention to detail. Any work done from a ladder or around stairwells will also be more complicated. Tall ceilings and unique architectural features tend to increase the cost of wallpaper hanging. This may also require the use of additional safety equipment and scaffolding.

Do you need any other work done?

Installing custom moldings, painting trim, and completing any other finishing work will come at an additional cost. In some cases, this work may be handled by a separate contractor. If you’re only interested in putting up new trim or moldings, we can help you get free price quotes now from local pros.

Where do you live?

Labor costs will account for a significant portion of the project. Rates are typically higher in major cities like New York and San Francisco. On the other hand, costs tend to be lower in rural areas and small towns.

Have you requested several bids?

ProMatcher recommends getting estimates from multiple paper hangers in your area. By comparing each quote, you can learn more about each contractor. It's important to know exactly what’s included.

Ask the contractor if they have installed wallcoverings like yours in the past. It may be worth it to pay a little more money to work with an experienced pro. They should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Don't be afraid to ask for client references or see pictures of past work.

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